Song Discovery In the Round

This last week I was able to go, along with a couple of our songwriters, to the Song Discovery In-the-Round conference in Nashville (Franklin). It was a great time of refreshment and inspiration. As a worship pastor, here are a few of the take-a-ways I got from the conference:

  1. Any time you can take to spend away with your team is well worth it. The time you spend traveling can be a great time of growth, bonding, and just plain silliness that will help you to build greater community and investment in the work God has called you to. The time spent talking of the individual and group take-a-ways can be real culture catalysts for your ministry. Our main group take-a-way was to serve the body (local body) first. God is giving our church a song (and songwriters) and it’s pretty amazing!
  2. Week after week, I  help put words into people’s mouths to facilitate their corporate praise to God. That’s an incredible privilege and a HUGE responsibility. Your church is a very unique, organic community of faith.What does your church need to say to God? Write it or help those who can.
  3. Keep the radar up. Even if you never publish a song or feel you have the skill to write a song others would want to sing, keeping your radar up to what God is doing around you can be a great spiritual discipline. Try singing your prayers to God (He doesn’t mind, I promise – Eph. 5:19), you never know what might come of your private worship time with the Lord. Even if it is just a song for you and the Lord, what a thought to think that the Creator of the universe would give a song just for you and Him to enjoy together! Pretty cool.
  4. Don’t let the tyranny of the urgent stand in the way of the things that are most important. Songwriting and creative activity are often the first things to get crowded out of our otherwise busy schedules. It is in these creative acts and time spent “wasted” in the presence of God that we find meaning and color in what can seem like the high-paced, yet very grey hamster wheel of life.

A former pastor reflecting on matters of faith, culture and the arts in the context of real life.

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  1. leetomlin says:

    Cool! Thanks for sharing!

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