Church Life Worship Songs

Many of you have asked where to find some of the arrangements we used during the church life conference. Below are some resources that will be of help to you:


  • Be Thou My Vision (Will You Guide Me)
  • The Lord’s Prayer
  • Christ is Able to Save
  • Worthy of My Praise

These are available from Lifeway and Redtie Records. You can contact for information on how to acquire these arrangements.


These are available through Grace and Purpose Publishing here at Trinity Baptist Church. You can contact to purchase these. A reference to this link and the Church Life Conference will get you the conference pricing with all three songs packaged together in a “Light” version for $25 and a “Full” version for $50. The light version includes demo song files along with Piano/vocal sheet music, lead sheet, and rhythm chart. The Full version includes everything in the Light version plus the full orchestration for each song.  You will receive a data CD with all of the orchestration in PDF format as well as demo song files in .wav format.

We are excited to share these with you and pray that they will be as much a blessing for your church as they have been for ours!


A former pastor reflecting on matters of faith, culture and the arts in the context of real life.

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